About Us

Mission Statement

GFTD is a creative marketing agency. We specialize in digital marketing management, content creation, digital pr, and paid media. We built our reputation based upon creating engaging communities with compelling content. If you look up virality in the dictionary you should see GFTD right next to it. Our philosophy is to disrupt traditional business marketing by introducing our out-of-the-box tactics. In short...we plan on taking over the world, starting with your company first!

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing strategy is all about building the right foundation. In fact we don’t even call it digital marketing. We rather refer to it as Foundational Marketing. You see digital marketing is all about building a strong foundation with your core audience through strategic content. We give you fans/followers/and customers who are so engaged with your community they feel like members of the family. Can it really be that personal? You bet it can! Which is why we have created 3 of the largest channels in social media history and counting. Remember Content + Conversations = Conversions.