How To Build A Personal Brand That Leads To Sales

Have you heard of Narrative Marketing? It’s a term we use here at GFTD to explain the process we used to create 2 social media channels that now have millions of followers globally. Those channels would be Need For Speed and Battlefield. Narrative Marketing is the art of telling your brands story in a compelling way by viral creating marketing campaigns. Every industry has a viral component to it. if you’re willing to look and listen.

What we do is combine the two theories of creating amazing content wrapped around good story telling. Remember content + communication = conversions. People want to be in on your mission and this is what we do at GFTD. Take a look at a sample of our work. Let’s choose our client Ashley Riggs Sarnicola. I wanted to use her because she is someone who has less followers than three accounts listed about and is crushing her social media as well. This is to prove a point. I know people say… sure MJ, Need For Speed and Battlefield are huge. That’s true! So to alleviate that from the conversation lets choose someone who has a little under 24,000 followers on Facebook as our example. Ashley Sarnicola and her husband Nick Sarnicola founded a company called ViSalus. ViSalus provides healthier food options that assist people in reaching their weight loss goals. Since I’ve been managing their social media and digital marketing by using our Narrative Marketing strategy ViSalus has done over 1 billion in sales.

First to create the campaign. We coined the term “Momprenuer” for Ashley then went to work.

Next we wanted to connect with woman who have an entrepreneurial spirit. We did this by creating post that established her as a successful business woman.

Once we set the story of a woman who has been just as successful at running a business as her male counterparts, it was safe to say we had her audience hooked. Then we began to add more to her story. This time by introducing her as a wife and mother.

…and since their business is all about living a healthy lifestyle incorporating that into her story as well.

5 years later we’re still telling the story and her brand is just as hot. Now ViSalus has done over 2 billion in sales and GFTD is proud to say our marketing helped to contribute to their rise.

Over the past 8 years I’ve become one of the most sought after social media marketers and content creators in the world working with some of the biggest brands ever. I was nominated twice by Facebook as social media marketer of the year and throughout my career the marketing strategies I have executed for my clients have cumulatively earned up to 4 billion in sales.

For more information on my work please visit my website or click here to view my portfolio.