The number 1 thing every type of brand should be using social media for is breaking the internet. Social media is all about getting attention. If your brand, whether personal or business is not getting massive amounts of attention you are not using social media right. I don’t care how many 20 some olds you have currently working on your social media. If they are not breaking the internet, you can forget about obtaining any real profit from social.  The internet is meant to be broken and if you’re not doing so that means you are not using social media to its fullest extent. If you fit that category, you need to change something, right now! In fact, I’m so sure of it in this email I’m going to break down how a brand can still break the internet and precisely what we did to make it happen for one of our clients overnight.


Welcome to the world of Chef Henny!!! Harvey J aka Chef Henny, known as the Henny God. Harvey J is one of our clients at GFTD.


For Harvey, we are currently putting together a partnership between him and cognac brand, Hennessy. I can’t talk too much about it because it’s an ongoing process but yeah, this is going to be fire when it hits the market.


We wanted to show Hennesy how much of a command Harvey J holds over his audience. So we set down with Harvey and created a campaign to do exactly what we said we would BREAK THE INTERNET!As many of you know SnapChat recently changed its user interface to the dismay of many of its users.


1st thing we did is find a newsworthy subject we could piggyback of off. SnapChat had released its updated version a few day prior to us doing this campaign and the news of how many of their users who were disgruntled about the update hadn’t really blown up yet. We took advantage of this and decided to use Harvey J as the main force to do it. Yes! We used a trending story about a big brand to blow up the internet and we did it on purpose! You can do these same things as well. Using trending topics and inserting your take on it to get your brand maximized attention..and boy did we get it!


Take a look at the screenshots below of the post we created. It’s hilarious!!!



GFTD Agency community…the trap has been set. We posted on February 11th, 2018. Using the hashtag #SAVESNAPCHAT. We knew if we could get his hashtag trending we could get other people to join…Hence breaking the internet. Now let’s examine the metrics we accumulated on this post. We reached over 36 million people on this post. This is on Facebook, you know, the place where most of you brands say won’t work because your algorithm is being affected. That’s because you don’t know how to break the internet, but we do…and we can do this for you too. Now, remember the deal was if we get 100K likes, 30K shares, and 50K shares Snapchat would consider making changes to the update. Now, wait… this is not Snapchat’s official Facebook page. It’s a community page their fans created. It’s a fan page on Facebook. This fan page is interrelated with Snapchat so we knew if we could connect with them to make a deal with us it would be a high possibility that this would actually happen.


Post Performance

-36,495,990 people reached

-939,099 post likes



-10,354,563 photo views

-13,375,176 post clicks


Oh…and we did all this without spending a dime on advertisements. Look below to see more.



So let’s backtrack. This post is about how a brand, personal or business can break the internet. Many of you business owners may say… oh, he’s a personality it’s easier for him. Our response is…why can’t a brand be an influencer? In fact isn’t that what brands should really be? I’ll get to more of that on another blog, but product/service based brands your social media should be all about you being an influencer.


In the process of breaking the internet lets take a look at what’s now trending on Facebook 2 days later. Lol…



And this is what I call breaking the internet folks. When you start a worldwide trend that effectively affects culture. Take a look at what ensued afterward.










SUNDAY EXPRESS (This is the end result we aimed for)



Now imagine if your brand had sponsored this post? You would instantly be in front of over 30 million people. That’s a whole lot of exposure. This is the type of service we offer. Not only do we have the best influencers, but we turn brands into influencers. That’s what social media is all about. It’s getting in front of millions waving flags so they know who you are. This is how you run a social media campaign.



If you would like to inquire more about our services or if you would like to work with Harvey please send an email to contact@gftdagency.com or visit us at www.GFTDAgency.com

Thank you.


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