Instagram VS Facebook: How Do They Measure Up To Each Other

Why is so hard to get sales on Instagram? Have you ever asked yourself what good is Facebook for? Ever since they changed the algorithm to dimmer down on organic reach companies have scrambled to understand ways to use Facebook. You know you need it but exactly how can it be resourceful.


BEFORE we get into Facebook let’s first take that Instagram question. Without a doubt Instagram = Branding. If you focus on building your Instagram followers for means of branding yourself or business then you will realize the impact it has . A lot of times people think, “if only I build my Instagram community I’ll start to make money from it.” That’s true! You can and will begin to earn major revenue by building a huge community on Instagram. The question business owners need to take in while planning their marketing strategy is how long it will take before conversion are being made.  Creative Director at GFTD, MJ Perkins, has built 3 of the biggest social media channels on both Facebook and Instagram. During his 8 years of managing social media here’s what he has to say about it.


“I come across a lot of business owners who get frustrated because Instagram hasn’t become a cash cow for them yet. What needs to be looked at prior to implementing Instagram into your marketing strategy is the amount of time and resources it will take to build an actual community. Instagram is amazing but it’s taken me 3 years to create pages that have millions of followers. Business owners need to ask themselves is this worth it or what better approach can we have with Instagram.”


Instagram is amazing, but when you see  Instagram pages that have tons of followers and organic engagement, no matter what industry it is, you have to know that those businesses weighed the time  and cost it would take and set aside the resources to hire influencers and content creators.


So what is Instagram really good for? Branding! Even if you have a smaller community if it’s built with the right people and there is engagement you’ve already come a long way. When a customer goes through the checks and balances they take prior to making a purchase they look at your Instagram to see what people are saying. If there is engagement that heightens the choice they make to follow through on that purchase.


What does this mean? Don’t focus on getting sales from Instagram just yet. Use it as a branding device used for social proofing. If someone visits your website then clicks on your Instagram account, that social proof or engagement is a huge step in getting them to actually become a customer.  When people are speaking well about your product that entices others to purchase no matter what size your community is.


So if Instagram is for branding what is Facebook for?


Facebook is for creating a marketing / sales funnel. Ever since Facebook changed the algorithm to lessen the amount of organic reach they have really upped the game in the advertising department. With the usage of Facebook Pixel and Custom Audiences. You can know track every move a customer makes from Facebook to website visit to purchase.


The Facebook Pixel is a tag that when added to your website allows you to track every single engagement you get on every page. So if 100 people click on 1 particular product you can now retarget them with ads and additional content featuring that product, pushing them down your pipeline and making conversions.


Recently for a client of ours we created a marketing sales funnel that brought their company 60 new leads a day converting 18% over into new customers. The value of each customer started at a base of $5,000 which is a really good conversion rate for what we spent on ads and content. Needless to say they were happy and were able to scale up.


How do you scale up?


I’m glad you asked! One tool is using the Facebook Custom Audience. Let’s say from the data on your pixel we have 5,000 people who made purchases. We can now run ads and content directly to them featuring products they also may be interested in. This puts them right back into our sales funnel creating another round of conversions.


Facebook and Instagram are immensely valuable to your marketing campaign. However, if you do not have someone who knows how to use it properly you end up wasting a lot of time and money. Better get a professional, better get GFTD.


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