Everything An Actor Should Know About Social Media

The heroes journey of an actor. You have a long life dream of being on the silver screen or sharing the stage on Broadway. Maybe you just want to book more TV gigs or perhaps are looking for more paid acting opportunities in commercial work. Listen, we know you work on your craft every moment of the day, every hour, hoping to land that next big audition..and we’re so proud of you for going after it with all that you have. This is what you were made for. Who you were created to be. Here’s the scene breakdown. You have an audition coming up, but what these actors don’t know is not only are the casting directors looking at your skills. We are also looking at your social media profile.

Sound shocking? But it’s true! We look at your social media profiles all the time. Maybe perhaps more than you would like us to, but we need to do it and I’ll explain why. Here comes the business aspect of the entertainment industry and it’s pipe time you learned or be left out in 2018.

First, before we get started started I want to make sure all our new readers have a full understanding of who we are and why we have authority on this subject matter. GFTD is a creative marketing agency located in Los Angeles, California.  We specialize in social media management,  content creation,  and influencer marketing for some of the biggest brands.  We create digital commercials and viral videos for all our clients. We shoot a lot of videos all the time…. I mean a lot!  In the process we are constantly doing casting calls. In fact, we have another one coming up so if you want to hear about it sign up for our newsletter because we will be pushing our casting calls out via email.

Wether it is commercials, a TV show, a play, or a movie. The producers or brands are doing it to make money. Let’s repeat that, the overall goal of a film or production is to be successful enough to get a return on investment.  We know this, which is why for our actors we pick people that are extremely talented but who also have large social media followings.  However, we are not the only ones. Our casting directors that we hire use the same system as well as producers. Here is why, we need their social push so when it’s time to distribute the production we can tap into your audience. This makes is so we not only are able to get more engagement, the company whose product or services gets more eyeballs, and you the actor gets paid more. We want actors that our influencers as well who can help co-promote the products we feature in our digital commercials. Just like when a film gets released or any other production. If you have a large social media following and talent you will help drive more sales in the productions you are in. This increases your value in the eyes of the producer, casting directors, and overall the studio or production company who hires you.

Our creative director, MJ Perkins, has helped build personal brands on social media for mega influencers, musicians, actors, and businesses leaders. For over 7 years he has been teaching actors How To Use Their Social Media Profiles To Book More Gigs… and it works. Pay close attention to this blog because we will be delivering more amazing content for you. All we ask you to do is share.

Additionally, we are also offering a personal branding package for actors who are looking to amp up their social media following. We add over 1500 + new followers a month to your Instagram page, building more momentum as we continue the process,  plus we provide one on one coaching once a week for all our acting clients. Our case studies show that on a yearly basis we add  social media followers into the 6 digit range for our clients. We will be your marketing team. If you are in the Los Angeles area we also can shoot your content for you. The monthly fee for our Instagram Growth for Actors Package is $500 a month. If you need content to be shot we will put together an amazing budget for you that wont make you go broke. We know you’re actors looking to make it so we want to help you win not go into debt.

Before we end this blog we want to provide you with one more tip. When it comes to social media your page must have amazing content. It has to be engaging. With that said one trick is to create a video series in which you and your acting friends can use to display your talent while building your reels and social media following all at the same time.

Until next time…. Have a Happy New Year!!!